The Road At The Edge of The World

The Great Ocean Road

A thousand and one articles have already been written about this spectacular place. You can see just by looking at the pictures below, why this is so. For those of you who do not already know, its name is The Great Ocean Road, located on the Southern Coast of Australia.

After talking to a fellow blogger recently, I realised that we were part of a rare few, a couple of the lucky ones. Visiting on a cold blustery day in the middle of winter, we virtually had the Ocean Road to ourselves. We saw none of the usual throngs of bright eyed tourists which plague this place. No souvenir stalls or tour groups. And also no lines of parked cars. We also missed the masses of people wandering about, aimlessly taking photo after photo on their giant iPads. Although grey and overcast I feel that we had a far better day than most when visiting this visually spectacular place.

Just a short drive from the city of Melbourne, if you are ever lucky enough to visit this paradise of a country, head down to the great Ocean Road. Stand on the cliffs and look out to sea and you will see only ocean. If you was to sail south from where you stand, there is nothing that will block your way until you hit the frozen tundras of Antarctica. This place truly is the edge of the world.

What you can expect to see

So now instead of boring most of you by writing about our journey along the road, as I am sure most of you have heard it all before. And as my words could not even bring you close to understanding the beauty of the Great Ocean Road. Here is just a snippet of the photos I took of this enchanting place. I am not ashamed to admit it but on this day my camera went snap happy.

Click on the images to get a closer look

Keep an eye out for Koala Bears

If you ever do make it to the edge of the world, keep an eye on the trees. This is one of the last places in Australia where you can still see wild Koala Bears. We were lucky enough to spot some high up in the trees. Click on the photos and take a look.

If you made it this far you must of enjoyed our article. Whether you are looking for your next destination or just looking for you daily dose of wanderlust, have a read of another one of our great posts and be inspired.

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