Cheapest countries to travel: See the world

Choosing one of the world’s cheapest countries to travel, is one of the many secrets of keeping your budget low. Choosing the right destination can go a long way to helping you travel the world on the cheap.

If you choose to visit a country like India, you can live like a king or queen for half of the price that you would spend just surviving in your own country. If you wish, you could even travel through this mystical country on as little as $10 a day. Do not believe us? Have a read of our India Price Guide and see for yourself. India travel budget: The costs

Another secret of budget travel is to plan your trip using the right apps and websites. By comparing different sites and different days, you can literally save yourself hundreds of dollars.

Here is a list of the travel resources that we use. If you are booking a hotel, hostel, flight or trip, these are the sites that you should use. Also these are not just for budget travel, they cover everything from five star hotels all the way to backpacking hostels and tents. The Secrets Of Budget Travel

One last thing before we show you the world’s cheapest countries to travel. When traveling on a budget, especially backpacking, you should look to save money any possible way that you can.

Here we will show you how we keep our budget low when traveling. Have a read and use these tips to travel the world on the cheap. Backpacking tips: How to travel the world on the cheap

The  World’s Cheapest countries to travel

These destinations are in no particular order. We have picked some of the world’s cheapest countries to travel which are also spectacular in both scenery and culture.

Keep in mind that these are minimum budgets to travel, you could travel for less and you could also travel for far more. Use these prices as a daily average and you will be fine.



This amazing little country which is squished between India and China, is one of the most beautiful in the world. Nepal is home to some of the world’s highest mountains and has some of the best trekking routes on the planet.

Most people picture Nepal as a cold and unforgiving place, buried under mountains of snow. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Yes, up in the high peaks of the Himalayas, the environment is harsh and unforgiving. However, down in the foothills of Nepal, where most of the cities are such as Kathmandu and Pokhara, the climate is nice and warm and a beautiful place to visit during the summer.

In Nepal you can travel on a budget of $15-$20 a day quite easily.



Vietnam is the diamond of Southeast Asia. There is not a land on earth which looks similar. Covered in Limestone mountains and rice paddies, this is a country which will steal your heart.

Places such as Sapa in the far north and the world famous Halong bay make this a truly spectacular destination to travel.

If you are traveling with another person, this is a great country to buy decent hotel rooms. A hotel with a beautiful room, swimming pool and all you can eat breakfast will cost just $20. Split between two people all this is yours for just $10.

Vietnam can be traveled on a budget of just $20 a day.



Morocco, this beautiful land of the Sahara is a traveler’s paradise.  You will see things here that have been happening the same way for a thousand years. This is a country which will transport you back into the depths of time.

Unlike countries further to the east, Morocco is quite safe. As well as being one of the cheapest countries to travel, also Morocco is on Europe’s doorstep, so very easy to reach.

If you eat street food, share accommodation or stay in Hostels and travel by public transport, Morocco is a very easy country to travel on the cheap. Here is a great guide to help you plan your trip. Moroccan tour guide (by Indie traveller)

For tailor made private tours in Morocco, which include camel rides, Mountain Biking, Day trips, trekking holidays, horseback riding and whitewater rafting. Visit Atlas and Sahara tours. We can not recommend these guys enough.

In Morocco it is possible to travel on a daily budget of $25.



As we stated at the start of the article, India is one of the cheapest destinations on the planet. India, a land steeped in both mysticism and wonder, is also one of the most friendly and welcoming destinations on the planet.

Filled with temples, palaces and ancient forts, this is a land which stretches far back into the mists of time.

To learn more about India and see just one of the many things that you can do, have a read of our article on how to take a camel safari through the mighty Thar Desert of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer Camel Safari: Plan your desert adventure

India can be traveled on a daily budget for as little as $10 a day.


Mongolia-cheapest countries to travel

Mongolia, the least most populated country on the planet is located in the far north of our world, sandwiched between both Russia and China.

Famous for its mighty leader of old, Genghis Khan. This is a land which is different from any other. This is a land of nomads. A land that has been left behind to carry on as it has for hundreds of years.

However, Mongolia is a country that should be visited soon, the next few years will see a tourism boom for this magical place. Head there now before it is too late.

If you would like to see some of the delicacies of the Mongols, have a read of our article. Bizarre foods of the nomads: Mongolia. However, be warned that the cuisine of Mongolia is not for the faint of heart.

Mongolia can be traveled on a daily budget of just $20.



Bolivia is a landlocked country, having no coast line and is located in the centre of South America. This is also quite a poor country which makes this a very cheap place to travel.

There are many different terrains in Bolivia, including the mighty Andes mountain range, the arid Atacama desert, the huge salt flats, Salar de Uyuni and also the deep rainforest of the Amazon basin. All of this makes Bolivia an incredible place to visit.

To learn more have a read of this article and it will answer all of your questions. A beginners guide to backpacking Bolivia (by Nomadasaurus)

Bolivia is one of the world’s cheapest countries to travel, costing as little as $20 a day.

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka, the gem of the Indian Ocean, abundant in religious temples, holy mountains, beautiful rolling hills and also has some spectacular beaches.

This is a country that everybody should visit. Cultural, exotic and most important of all, cheap. Read our article on this amazing place to see all the details you need to make your adventure a reality. Backpacking Sri Lanka: Ultimate Guide

Sri Lanka can be traveled on a daily budget of $25

So there you have it, some of the world’s cheapest countries to travel. These are places that are filled with culture and are also incredible places to visit. Which of them will be your next destination?

However, if you have always wanted to travel but just do not know where to begin, have a read of this. Want to Travel? Here is how to plan your trip. This article will walk you through step by step, how to plan your trip.


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