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Hello and welcome to our world

If you do not know already, our names are Dave & Silvana and this is our travel site. We love to travel and so far have visited 46 countries between us. Carry on reading to learn more about us.

Dave is from the UK and Silvana is from Argentina (make love not war) and our number one passion in life is exploring. We met in Brisbane, Australia, one of the most underrated beautiful cities in the world.

Silvana was studying Marketing on Student Visa and working as a Barista. Dave was on the usual Working Holiday Visa (Backpackers Visa) working as a Painter. After many cups of coffee together at the school where Silvana was working, and despite the fact that we can both annoy the hell out of each other, we fell in love.

As you read through our website, our hope is that it will inspire you. We hope that deep down inside, that you will start to feel the all-powerful urge to explore. As you will see traveling is not out of reach for anybody. It is possible to travel the world on a budget and also have the time of your life.

Want to travel but do not have the money, no problem. Here is  22 ways that you can get paid to travel the world.

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However, do be warned, if you are not careful, you may just be whisked off to the far corners of this wondrous Planet.

P.S We love Cheese!

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