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  • Last weekend we visited the beautiful Plaza de Mayo. We was expecting to see the beautiful architecture that is in the area. What we was not expecting was this awesome international food festival which we happened to bump into. We love these places, all the beautiful foods of the world in one place. They are a great way to grab a bite to eat. 

  • Here you will find everything that you need to plan your desert adventure. All the details from the costs and what you should take with you. To what you will see and how you will get there. In this article we have your Jaisalmer desert camel safari covered.

  • The Rajasthan tourism industry is a booming part of India. This magical desert draws travelers from across the world. Dotted with old rock forts and little oasis like towns, The history of this land stretches far back into the depths of time. Once known as the land of kings, if you visit Rajasthan your heart will be stolen.

  • The planning of a trip can often be one of the best parts of traveling. Learning about new lands and counting down the days. Devouring as much information as you possibly can, filling yourself with wanderlust ready for your next adventure. You can make the months fly by if you are lost in your own imagination. 

  • A certain level of Indian society has become very adept at extracting money from tourists. In the big cities like New Delhi and Mumbai, this is especially so. If they think that you are an unsuspecting tourist, they will hit you with every trick in the book in order to get your money.

  • So you want to visit India but do not have any idea of the costs? Do not worry, in this India travel budget guide we will tell you all you need to know. Lets just start by saying India is cheap, dirt cheap. You can live well in India for one month on what you would spend in a week in the UK or Australia.

  • The weather in India is an uncontrollable thing. While the south is being lashed by tropical monsoon rains, the north could be covered in thick snow. Here we will show you when and where are the best times to visit India.

  • If ever there was a contest to decide which country has the weirdest food, Mongolia would win every time.  The bizarre foods of this mysterious country put to shame all other contenders. Mostly based around meat, the strange foods of these nomadic people both fascinates and terrifies in equal measure.