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Get paid to travel, 22 Ways to Earn Money

Get paid to travel, 22 Ways to Earn Money

How to get paid to travel

Have you always wanted to see the world, but just do not have the money? What if we told you that you could leave tomorrow with minimum funds and set off on your dream adventure. Most people do not realise just how easy it is, and have no clue how to get paid to travel. Travel jobs help thousands of people every year to fulfil their dreams of traveling the world.

Do you know somebody who has spent a year in Australia or has travelled around Canada? Odds are, they worked while they were traveling. It is impossible to spend a year in a western country and not work, these countries are just too expensive. If you want to travel for a year and not have to think about working, you will need to visit a cheaper country. If you would like to learn more, have a read of this.  Cheapest countries to travel

In the last few years travel jobs have become the norm. Everywhere you visit, you will meet “Digital Nomads” who are living dream lifestyles. We have been going for almost three years now and we have not looked back since. Here, we will give you a list of travel jobs and show you how to build that dream for yourself. So let’s get into it, how to get paid to travel the world.

Teach English

This is the first on the list, because it is by far the most readily available travel job. Countries all over the world are looking for native English speakers to come and teach in their schools. All that is needed is a TEFL Certificate and away you go. In some countries, like China, a TEFL is not even needed.

Sometimes a degree in any field of study is asked for. If you do not have a degree to fall back on or teaching experience, it can be a little tougher to get a position. At first, take any position that comes your way and get some experience. Once you have experience you will find it a lot easier to find work. Here is a great article on how you can get a cheap TEFL qualification and begin your new career teaching English.

For those of you who do not have a degree or even a TEFL, think about traveling to China to teach. China is a booming economy and needs as many English teachers as it can get its hands on. It is possible to get free flights, free accommodation and free Visa if you choose to travel with a teaching company. Have a look at this website for more info.

House Sitting

House sitting has become a real craze in the last few years. Did you know that it is possible to stay in beautiful locations around the world for absolutely no money whatsoever? If you are an animal lover and would not mind looking after another persons pets while they are away, then maybe this is the job for you.

To learn more about these kind of jobs head over to Goats on the road and read some of their awesome articles on the subject.

Tour Guide

Do you love history or have very good people skills? If you have the “gift of the gab” (charm), becoming a tour guide could be just the right thing for you. There are many different types of tour guides, the most popular are those that run free tours and survive on donations. These are mostly tours for backpackers and will earn you some money each day in the high season. Other tour guide roles are the more upmarket tours where you show holidaymakers around cities and can spend days with the same group of people. These tours will earn you more money.


This can be a dream travel job for some people and also a way to get paid to travel, especially around Europe. Here is a great website on how to become a Tour Guide.

Scuba Diving Instructor

We have met a few people who have chosen this as their travel job. Becoming a Scuba diving instructor is a great way to get paid to travel the world. Ever wanted to live in Hawaii, how about Australia? These are two of the tropical countries that you can work in if you get your PADI instructor certificate.

However, you will need some money to get your certificate. The cheapest place where you can obtain it is in Thailand. Many backpackers end up doing their courses on the Island of Koh Tao. They choose Koh Tao for two reasons, the scenery and the price. This is the cheapest place in the world where you can get PADI qualified.

Visit the website and see for yourself what could become your new career. Koh Tao PADI qualification.

Cruise Ship

If diving beneath the ocean is not for you, then how about sailing on top of it? Working on a Cruise Ship is just one more of the many ways that you can earn while you travel. There are a thousand different companies which other countless jobs for aboard ship. To name buy a few: Hairdresser, Croupier, Housekeeper, Waiting Staff, Entertainment. Most shops even have their own clergy member.

If you think that sailing the world could be for you, here is some further information. Cruise Ship Jobs

Working on a Yacht 

Next, we have another great way to get paid to travel. This is a great job for those that are traveling near the mediterranean coast. If you visit the mariners around the med, you can often get jobs cleaning and helping out on board. Sometimes you will be offered the chance to sail with the Yacht and help with things like cooking.  These are often unpaid jobs, but sailing around the med can be rewarding in itself.


If you can picture yourself sailing to the world’s most beautiful destinations, here is a website for you. This is a site designed for people looking for work onboard Yachts and offers work, all over the world.

Freelance writing

Any good at writing? If yes, then freelance work could be for you. There are many websites that you can use to offer out your services. However, this is a field that is high in competition. First and foremost, you will have to offer out your services for free in order to build your portfolio. Try asking some bloggers if you can write an article for them. Bloggers are always hungry for content.

Once you have built your portfolio, you can start charging higher prices for your work. Set up an account with Upwork, This is a great site to find freelance work. Another site which you can use is Freelancer

Work in a Hostel

Working in a Hostel can be a great way to save money while you travel. This is a travel job that is often unpaid, or paid very little. In return you will be given free accommodation and often free meals if the hostel has this facility. Normally, you will work less than 10 hours at the hostel which leaves you open to getting work elsewhere or at the least, saving on accommodation costs while you travel.

When you arrive at your hostel, ask at reception and you will be placed on a list. When your name comes up, you will have the job until you leave. The longer you work at a hostel, the more opportunities for free stuff will appear. However do not get stuck in a hostel if you are traveling, we have met many who this has happened to, they fall in love and never leave.

Bar / Cafe work

This is a travel job which is readily available in most countries around the world. Bars and cafes are always looking for new staff. In places like Australia these kind of jobs are like a conveyor belt of travelers. When one backpacker leaves, another replaces them often by a friend of the one who is leaving. This is why it is always a good idea to ask around if anybody knows of any jobs going.

Bar work is always a great way to get paid to travel, as not only do you get wages, but you also get tips and free drinks as well.

Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visas are the best way to get paid to travel. As the name suggests, you work while on holiday. Many countries around the world now offer these Visas and are mainly aimed at ages 18-30. However, some countries do offer visas to those aged 35. We both spent 2 years living and working in Australia, in fact that is where we met.


For a list of the countries that offer Working Holiday Visas, check out Wiki’s site on the subject. Working Holiday Visa, list of countries.

Travel Rep / Holiday Rep

For those of you that love the party life, becoming a travel rep is quite simple. If you can stand the pace of constant drinking, partying and drunk people, this could be the job for you. Every party island in the mediterranean is looking for reps.

There are opportunities for the less boisterous holiday destinations. However, these are a lot more difficult to land, as they are in high demand. Most people do not like baby sitting drunk teenagers traveling away on their first holiday. Here is a great article all about becoming a holiday rep

Work on a Ski Resort

If you love mountains and do not mind the cold, this could be your dream travel job. Working on a Ski Resort is a great way to get paid to travel. Can you see yourself working in the Swiss Alps or in the Ski Resorts of Scandinavia? You do not need to be a Ski Instructor, the hotels and resorts are always looking for staff to do any number of roles.

Many people choose to spend a few months working on these resorts and it is a brilliant experience that you will treasure. You may also learn how to ski. Ski resort jobs in Europe

Work as an Au Pair  

Do you love kids? Could you handle looking after another person’s children? If yes, then maybe you should look at Au Pair work. Au pairs are in high demand all around the world and is a very simple way to get a Visa for most countries.

Perks of the job include, free accommodation, free meals, plus weekly salary. Everything that you need to know about becoming an Au Pair.

Teach Yoga

It seems like everybody is into Yoga nowadays. If you have been taking Yoga lessons for a while, most likely you can teach a beginners class. Have some flyers made or leave a note on the community boards at hostels and hotels. Spread the word that you are teaching classes and instead of just doing your daily exercise classes, you will be earning money also.


Yoga teaching is a fun way to get paid to travel.


Busking means to perform a talent in public in return for money. Have you ever seen a person stood on the corner of a street playing a guitar with a hat in front of them? That is Busking.

Busking has become huge in the traveling community, so big in fact, that it has made headline news around the world. Backpackers in Asia are performing on the streets and earning money this way. The big news organisations have been reporting this as bad news. They say that backpackers are stealing the money from others who need it more. If you are traveling through some of the poorer countries in the world, maybe you should keep this in mind. However in the big cities this can be a great way to earn some cash.


Travel Blogging

Starting your own Travel Blog can be an excellent way to earn a living. However, do not expect a quick path to success. Travel Blogging takes time, lots and lots of time. Writing articles, building a website, building a social media presence, interacting with other bloggers. This all takes time. Take baby steps at first and slowly build your blog.

Here is our step by step guide which will guide you through the process of starting your very first blog.

Affiliate Marketing

I take it that you have a social media presence, who doesn’t? Did you know that you could turn this into a money making machine? Affiliate marketing is a way to earn an income. All you have to do is join an Affiliate Program and market any of the products that they have on offer. You will be given a link to share on your various platforms, and when somebody clicks through and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission of each item sold. Here are some of the best affiliate programs available.

Online Store

Do you have any handmade products that you can sell? Are you traveling through a cheap part of the world? If you answer yes, then maybe could start an online store. You do not need to sell thousands of dollars worth of stock, just enough to keep you on the road. It is quite easy these days to run an online store. However, do your research before you start and learn about marketing your product. Here is a guide to get you started. How to start an online store.

Create a Mobile App

Creating an app can be an awesome way to get paid to travel. If you can come up with an idea that people need, this can be a big money spinner for you. Your app does not need to be anything revolutionary. If even a fraction of the billions of Mobile users buy your app, that can generate you some serious cash. Here is a free Online Course that will teach you How to build an IPhone App.

Web Design

Web Design can be an income generator for those who know how to build a website. If we can do it, so can you. WordPress.org makes building websites a breeze. Learn how to create a website by building your own and then market your skills out to others. Advertise online, spread your message not just in your own country but around the world and you could soon be earning a nice income. Get started today by learning how to Build a wordpress site: step by step.

Sell Your Photos

If you are currently traveling or have hundreds of photos saved on a computer somewhere, odds are some of them are of a high enough quality to sell online. There are lots of websites where you can sell your photos. They will take a commission from each sail, sometimes up to 50%, but selling your best photos could be a way of having a  small inflow of cash each month. Check out this list of websites where you can Sell your photos online.

European Passport

Next, we have another great way to get paid to travel, one which few people do not take advantage of. Most people dream of traveling and ironically, do not realise that they already posses the thing that can make their dreams a reality, a European Passport.

With a European passport, it is possible to work in any of the countries of Europe. You could live in Spain or Italy, work in the Ski Resorts of the Alps or work in a bar on a Greek Island. The possibilities are endless. If you have never traveled before, here is our article on how to plan your trip, whether long term or short term. Here is everything you need to know. How to Plan your trip.

Now you know how to get paid to travel

Now that you know how to travel the world and get paid doing so, what are you waiting for? Plan your next adventure and make your dream lifestyle possible. We only get one shot at life, make it a good one.


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