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Welcome to our Sri Lanka travel hub. Here you will find everything that you need to plan your trip and travel Sri Lanka.

This is one of the most beautiful islands in the world with an unbelievable variety of landscapes. In the south there are stunning beaches, whales and elephant filled jungles. Head into the centre and you will find stunning green hills covered in Tea, as well as incredible buddhist temples. Visit the north and you can wander among ancient ruins and visit rural villages and get among the locals. Once you travel sri Lanka, your heart will be stolen.

Sri Lanka, unlike India can get a little pricey when it comes to accommodation. Well  that is if you are traveling on a budget. A twin room with air-con will normally go for around $20 a night. An absolute bargain for those that are not long term travelers. For those that are traveling long term and looking for the cheaper options, try find a travel buddy. Splitting the accommodation costs can bring Sri Lanka inline with some of the cheapest countries in the world to travel. is a great way to search for the best deals, another option is Agoda. However many of the homestays and guest houses do not advertise so do not worry, you will always find a place to stay.

On this page you will find all of our articles on this incredible Island. Read through them and plan the adventure of a lifetime.

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best time to visit Sri Lanka Best time to visit Sri Lanka: Breakdown - Sri Lanka is a country that can be visited at any time of the year. However, when one coast is being hit by the rains of the monsoon, the other is bathed in beautiful sunshine. Here is our breakdown of the seasons so that you can decide both when and where to visit.
Sri-lanka-backpacking Backpacking Sri Lanka: Ultimate Guide - The costs, tips, tricks and scams of Sri Lanka all in one place. This is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and a great place for an adventure. See for yourself just how cheap and easy it is to travel Sri Lanka.

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Sigiriya, The Ruins In The Sky - Located in the vast forests of central Sri Lanka, there lies an ancient fortress in the sky. Myths and Legends swirl and wrap themselves around this enchanting place. Have a read and marvel yourself at this little known wonder of the world.
Sri lanka safari-national park sri lanka The Land of Elephants: Udawalawe National Park Sri Lanka - With its impressive array of animals and population of Elephants, Udawalawe National park is Sri Lanka's best kept little secret. This is an unbelievable place to see Elephants in the natural habitat. Here we will walk you through the steps and show you how to take your own safari.

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Whale watching Mirissa Sri Lanka forever roaming the roads Whale Watching in Mirissa Sri Lanka - Here is our guide for whale watching off of the southern coast of Sri Lanka. We can not miss the opportunity to see the world's biggest animal and shouldn't either. Here we will walk you through everything from the prices to where to stay. Whale watching in Sri Lanka is something that should not be missed.

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Sri Lanka is arguably one of the cheapest countries to travel,however, you can never have too much money. Regrettably, most people do not realise how many options of earning while traveling are open to them. Here are 22 ways that you can earn while you travel Have a read and open yourself up to a lifetime of travel. 

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